Gold Carrier Particles Optimized for Chlamydomonas

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In collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Steve Mayfield at The Scripps Research Institute, Seashell Technology has demonstrated the effectiveness of new gold carrier particles optimized for high efficiency Chlamydomonas chloroplast transformation1. Independent laboratory tests have shown that greater than 60% co-transformation is obtained following delivery of both a selection plasmid and plasmids containing a gene of interest using Seashell's carrier particles. In addition, Seashell Technology has extensive experience in carrier particle mediated transformation and can provide technical assistance for your transformation related issues.

Seashell Technology, LLC Gold Carrier Particle Features and Protocols Include:

  1. Gold particle surfaces modified for direct DNA immobilization, resulting in high capacity loading and improved reproducibility.
  2. Particle size (550 nm average diameter) optimized for chloroplast transformation.
  3. Simplified formulation protocol.
  4. The gold is non-toxic, in contrast to tungsten whose use can lead to DNA degradation and cell toxicity.
Gene Delivery

Greater than 90% co-transformation of Chlamydomonas chloroplasts using S550d carrier particles as determined by selection for colony growth on spectrinomycin (A) and screening for luciferase activity measured using a luminometer (B).

1 Developed under National Institutes of Health Grant 1R43EB001624-01.

This product is for research use only and is not intended for diagnostic use or to treat, cure or prevent any disease. The product is not available for resale. The safety of this material has not been determined and we recommend that this product and components are handled only by persons trained in laboratory techniques and are used in accordance with good laboratory practice. As all chemicals should be considered as potentially hazardous it is advisable when handling chemical reagents to wear suitable protective clothing. The BiolisticTM process is covered by patents owned by Dupont, Inc. and purchase of these products does not convey a license under these patents.

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